We're a hot lesbian couple, looking for a guy who can join us in a hot threesome fun. Care to heed our call of hornyness? LOL, just hit us up and let's have some fun.
Age 40
BodyType BBW
Ethnicity Mixed
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Charleen 38 years old I have pretty much experience when it comes to sex, but i have never had anal sex before. Now I do not know if every man likes is and im not looking to start dating or start a relationship or something so I thought I'd just give it a try. I am looking for a man, hygienic, good looks, in shape.. You dont need to be unbelievably hot but we have to have some attraction towards each other, i think i look pretty good aswell and i think a lot of men would kill for this opportunity. If you are interested then send me a an interesting message!
Giacinta 32 years old Most of my friends would say I have a easy-going/shy personality. I dislike the bar scene. In the bedroom, I like most all kinds of sex, not into pain, but don't mind a little bondage, love bites, or a playful spanking now and then. Some of my favorite positions are doggie style, riding high in the saddle, and sandwiched between 2 lovers, male or female. I prefer one-on-one sex, but definitely don't mind it with more than one if the parties are enticing. Have had a couple of woman-on-woman experiences that were very HOT and would love to try that again; men and women couples not excluded. Safe & STD free and intend to stay that way!