Married 49 year old lady, living near Los Angeles. I have a very secure marriage, but I am playing solo for now. My husband chooses not to participate at this time, but is 100% behind me playing. No sneaking or cheating here. I would like to get to know couples or females in my area who enjoy being intimate and affectionate in front of and with others as much as I do.
Age 49
BodyType BBW
Ethnicity Caucasian
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discreetDevora 38 years old I'm here to see what is out there and what it is exatly that I'm looking for. My passions lie in organizing, this can be from anything. My administration, my home my work whatever. Second is cooking and third obviously SEX SEX AND MORE SEX! My hobbies are photography and writing. My family and friends play a very important part in my life so they are very important to me. However the beast inside me is constantly looking for sexual adventures and fantasies coming true!