I was a pretty dull girl till I got to college. Then you can just guess what happened LOL. But that didn't take away my sex drive, in fact it's more intense now! So big lady lovers out there who want intense sex, I'm the girl. Message me and let's fuck!
Age 29
BodyType BBW
Ethnicity Caucasian
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DacioREAL 49 years old I'm a beautiful and voluptuous lady at 49. 5'5", 190 lbs. I have black hair, blue eyes, nice legs, and an awesome set of 38 DD's. I am a business professional with a Masters Degree, very intelligent and witty with a playful personality, and a great sense of humor. Sexually, I am straight, multi-orgasmic, and I enjoy most sexual activities with exception of anal and or activities that are degrading or illegal. I really enjoy receiving massages and I consider them to be a great form of foreplay!